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Based out of Kansas City, THRILLZ has, consistently produced music that "pushes the technical boundaries of what music could/should be." THRILLZ consists of CHEMIKKAL & CARL GUASTELLO.








Westport Ale House (Westport, MO)

Pizza Bar (KC P&L District)

Hotel Nightclub (KC P&L District)

Bar Louie (Kansas City, MO)

Vertigo Nightclub (Blue Springs, MO)

Dirk’s (Kansas City, MO)

Tengo Sed Cantina Nightclub (KC P&L District)

Vintage Nightclub (Springfield, Missouri)

Resident DJ at University of Kansas (KU) DJ

Starlight NYE Party (Kansas City, MO)

Chrome (Kansas City, MO)

John’s Big Deck (Kansas City, MO)

NO. 9 (Gladstone, MO)

McFadden’s (KC P&L District)

Aura Nightclub (Kansas City, MO)

Bodie’s Nightclub (Warrensburg, MO)

Firefly Nightclub (Westport, MO)

Dempseys (Westport, MO)

Bullwinkles (Lawrence, KS)

Private Pool Partys (Missouri / Kansas)



In the life of DJ/Producer Chemikkal. A commitment to his dreams, passion for greatness and fire to succeed has landed him in a world he has built over the last 27 years. Growing up with music all around him and with his military background. Chemikkal has developed a tenacious work ethic that carried him through many stages of his career. Chemikkal is a DJ & Producer based out of Kansas City, Missouri. He has been in and around music his entire life. During an introduction to music class in middle school. He found himself behind a snare drum. As soon as he picked up the sticks he never felt more alive. After many years went he found himself in a high school band performing with the drum-line as part of a bass drum group. He was marching up and down the football field at halftime keeping the crowd and team excited. After performing with the drum-line he took on the challenge of jazz band. He was now setting behind a full set of drums performing all sorts of rhythms and blues. After each performance or practice he would go home and learn new techniques and elements that he could bring back to the band. After high school was over, Chemikkal joined the United State Army. He left for basic training and had to put music aside to serve his country. One day during the summer years later, while at a local nightclub the need for a DJ arose. Chemikkal had never been behind decks before but he took on the challenge anyway. He bought a cheap controller and practiced day in and day out to prefect his craft to have the ability to play live in front of a crowd. Chemikkal learned the artform of reading people right from the start. "To Me, Technicality aside. A DJ has to be able to tap into their sixth sense of reading their room. Having the ability to play to a crowd that owns your music is one thing, but the real magic is walking into a room of people all different ages, ethnicities and social classes and making them dance to your set is where it happens! "To me, its always been about the room first and I leaned that in the mobile DJ world."

Chemikkal has performed in front of large crowds for nightclubs and private events. Chemikkal started to make his way through the local midwest nightclub circuit and held down major residencies in some of the area's best venues. Giants like Bodie's, Mule House & Vintage molded Chemikkal's style as a DJ. Having love for formulated formats of music and so much experience playing them live. He felt the next step was to create his own sound and style. Since he knew his mixing techniques and song selection were so unique. He knew he had to create a unique sound that would capture the audience at all levels.

In 2018, Chemikkal released four original tracks. He started the year focusing on making original content testing new sounds, styles and creating a brand for myself. Chemikkal finished out the year grinding out 10 remixes. The magic of music was unlocked as his remixes and bootlegs have been played all over the world by electronic and open format dj's. During the year Chemikkal has created many mashups, edits, and flips. The eidts are flawless and have deep rich energy that can be played in many rooms to keep the crowd dancing. He has placed his remix’s, edits, and mashups on many different record pools around the country capturing the top downloads on each site.

While, Chemikkal has created many of these mashups, edits, remixes and original tracks. He is always making music with music either live during his performances or during his time in the studio mixing and mastering his tracks. Chemikkal prides himself on being able to control the room by having a flawless mixing technique. He spends hours behind the decks and behind the computer mastering his craft and creating the most entertaining sets. He constantly listens to music to know every aspect of the song and where the energy lyes within the song.

In 2019, Chemikkal has released a new EP called New Beginnings. This EP was started in late 2018 and was finished in late January 2019. Chemikkal has took his years of experience djing and producing to create a wonderful mixture of music. On this album he has created many different genres of music. He has created tracks that any audience will enjoy. Chemikkal is always goal driven and always striving for excellence. Making Music With Music is his passion!



Has loved and been around music the past 15+ years. Carl Guastello is a Kansas City Native and the other half of Thrillz. He has held many residencies over the years including Power and Light, Kansas Jayhawks, Cedar Fairs and many other nightclubs in the surrounding areas. Carl has made appearances, at Star Light Theater, Union Station, Las Vegas (Red Rock) Nightclub and Pool, Aura Night Club (KC) and many other events, shows and nightclubs. Carl Guastello has had the opportunity to do what he loves to do day in and day out and that is play music. Carl prides himself on being able to mix in and out of genres and keep the partying going. Carl Guastello always wants to throw a party. Rather that means he is behind the decks or with a microphone in his hand, one things for sure, you know it’s going to be a good time. Carl Guastello is very versatile when it comes to equipment. He has the ability to DJ off of turntables, cdjs, controller and has the ability to play off of a computer or USB. He can use, a Rane 57, 62, 68 72, or pioneer S9, DJM-900 mixers, Carl Guastello has played to many different audiences at many different levels and different genres of music, and being able to read a room is what sets Carl apart from many other DJs. Anyone can play music, but can anyone throw a party reading the room perfect , with just enough mic presence and just the right scratching and word play, getting people hyped to party, that is what real DJing means to Carl Guastello and that is what Carl brings to the table. Carl Guastello always loves giving back, and has played many different charity events in Kansas City and the surrounding areas. Carl Guastello has DJ for Live, Love, Laugh, Mercy Beyond Borders, Children of Sudan, Brandon Russell Memorial Foundation, and many more. Carl Guastello feels DJing is not only about getting people to have a great time and forget about troubles and problems they may have in day to day life. But it is also about giving back to those who don’t have it or to those who are no longer with us. Carl Guastello listens to music daily, rather he is running errands, working out, or practicing his craft. For Carl life without music, is just not life at all. You will see at any shows or events that Carl Guastello is in, you can see how much passion he has towards music. In Late 2017, Thrillz was formed. The greatness with this group is what each member brings. Two best friends, with two different looks, two different styles, and two different backgrounds brought them to form something completely different to the Music Industry.Anyone who has seen Thrillz can vouch for the party they throw and the memories they created with music. For Carl Guastello and Chemikkal (Thrillz) music is not a want in their life it is a need. With a combined total of over 1,000+ events,

Chemikkal and Carl Guastello are finally ready to expand from the Kansas City area and travel the world. Thanks for all the love in support, not a day goes by the duo Thrillz doesn’t appreciate it.

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New Beginnings

by Chemikkal